Towards a
Fragmented Anatomy


By Sachin Yaduvanshi

Technological and economic developments have never moved as rapidly as in the last 50 years. The consequences are felt most strongly in developing countries, which have been catching up at lightning speed since the turn of the century. Sachin Yaduvanshi condenses the growing pains of his native India into a narrative that unfolds over a single day. We start in unspoiled nature, with morning sunshine drenching the fields and wind in the trees. The green wilderness makes way for agriculture and eventually gray buildings. In long, meditative shots supported by a restrained but effective soundtrack, always with a single dominant sound, we see the world taken over by bricks and mortar, and birdsong replaced by honking traffic. The evening at the end of this collective coming-of-age story is ominous. Set against the age of the earth, the history of humanity is no more than a breath. Yet in that short time, we’ve managed to change everything. My film had its world premiere in competition in the prestigious 32nd International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) 2019.

Text written by Sachin Yaduvanshi