The Right
To Breathe


By Tonderai Prince Maboreke

What Happens When Environmental Politics Moves Indoors? In the age of Industrial Capitalism where costs are being cut to make profits, there has been an increased demand to produce alternative products that are lighter, last longer and cheaper to produce. The inorganic substance Formaldehyde has led the way in multiple innovations across industry. These include the generation of engineered woods, thermoplastics, cosmetics, medical preservatives and more.

However, formaldehyde seeps from much of the engineered woods that give our homes comfort and security forming residues of industrialisation. What are the consequences of this synthetic substance on human and no human metabolism? Furthermore, who are the social groups using these products and what are the hidden agendas behind their distribution? Welcome to the Post-Industrial Metabolism! Matter is no longer only travelling through our bodies, but our bodies are now travelling through matter. This project investigates the problem of indoor pollution (sick building syndrome) from synthetic materials used to generate caravans and the layers of problems that result from it.

The proposal seeks to offer a minority community the right to breathe, something which has long been taken away from them. A fundamental human right.

Text written by Tonderai Prince Maboreke