Rain Kids


By Lucas Muñoz

About Rocket Trail project:

Our territories are growing vertically, out of the globe, into the universe. The relationship between our imagination and the planet is extending its physical boundaries. This is a possibility activated by the evolution of a single object, one that was born out of gunpowder, some 1100 years ago, the rocket.

Since its conception in China, it has evolved in many cultures and evoked powerful emotions in all of them. The flight of a rocket can detonate the deepest existential fears as well as it can awake the spiritual ones. The rocket can reduce our living space to ashes, or extend it to outer space; it can embody the technological, the ritual, and death.

This collection of films, the website rockettrail.net, and this exhibition are the synthesis of two-year research directed by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz. In collaboration with other designers and filmmakers, he has explored some of the thoughts and feelings this object can trigger throughout the world. A context-specific research, driven through territories in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, that takes a myriad looks at this artifact and the ways it activates, for good or bad, the humans involved around it.

Episode I – Rain Kids:

Bun Bang Fai is a merit-making ceremony traditionally practiced by the ethnic Lao people throughout Isan, the northeastern region of Thailand and Laos.

The villagers come together at the beginning of the wet season to launch hand-crafted rockets high into the sky. A plea for good rains in the planting season.

This is a tale of science at its infancy, a tale of faith.

Rockets of faith.

Text written by Rocket Trail project team

Rocket Trail
Episode I: Rain Kids

A film by Lucas Muñoz & Nanu Youttananukorn

Gabriele Mariotti

Designers & Artists:
Lucas Muñoz
Nanu Youttananukorn
Sami Sabik
Tauras Stalnionis

Film Production:
Gracelin Moore
Palapol Teriyaphirom
Corey Embring
David Hoppe

Special thanks to:
Lidia Vajda, Pakarn Kiatpinyo, Marc Stuart, Jadet Tongfueng, Khamkong Saengsuk, Todd Ruiz,
Dr Marek Otevrel PhD The rocket team & the people of Wat Na Pho (Roi Et), Wat Baan Pong (Yasothon), http://www.talktourthai.com