A Thousand Steps


By Lorem Francesco D’Abbraccio

The AV work is the result of a sonic collaboration with Indonesian experimental musician Rulli Shabara (member of seminal bands Senyawa and Zoo) and Italian percussionist Daniele De Santis (Gruen, Morphine Records). Entirely realized though AI systems, “A thousand steps” is about exploring past, present and future as it relates to our constant journey back and forth between our own psyches and non-human unconscious.

A neural network was trained to write the whole plot according with a dataset composed by original transcriptions of Mirek Hardiker’s dreams. Hardiker, researcher at SRU (Stanford) during the ’80’s, built a huge dataset of daily transcriptions, covering a time span of about 21 years. AI-generated images and sounds interprete then those words, disclosing an eerie, uncanny journey into the deepest.

Text written by Lorem Francesco D’Abbraccio