-6.831 miles


By Shuna Luo

-6.831 miles tells a story of a depressed man addicted to tiny space, and finally make himself disappeared. It’s about the universal feeling of insecurity as an individual that everyone had.

-6.831 miles plot outline:
-6.831 miles tells a story about a man called Z. He has a special habit, but he can’t really fall asleep in his bed. The only places that make him feel calm and able to sleep are tiny spaces, like the bath tub, the wardrobe, or under the bed. Z doesn’t eat a lot and he can’t cook, only occasionally he will eat a microwave meal, some days he doesn’t eat anything at all. Among all the microwave food, frozen fish is his favorite, but not because it’s tasty, it’s not much good at all, he just sees the fish as a reflection of himself.

Day by day, Z keeps sleeping in different closed spaces, whenever he wakes up and hears his alarm from a far, he just doesn’t want to get out from his cosy place and he feels bothered. Z prepares a huge glass box filled with water and jumps into it, fully submerging himself under water. For the first time he feels really safe, like in the morning before everyone wakes up, or back to the time before he was born, or even before the universe was created. There is nothing that can hurt him anymore and his worries are gone. The alarm rings again, he opens his eyes, but closes them again. In this film, it talks about the relationship between the physical space and human emotion.

Everyone in the world is or has been suffering depression in the life at least once. I am trying the visualize the feeling of depressed. At the same time, makes it Audible. Half of the story is told by the sound, which will bring a more immersive feeling for the audience. Also, the feeling is a self-express of myself, It’s a journey of self-salvation.

Text written by Shuna Luo