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Filmmakers: Misato Ehara, Ruth Mitchell, Virgilio Paricio De Castro

Country: UK

Run Time: 00:12:13

Year: 2020

This visual essay focuses on the use of the dining scene in cinema. Of particular interest to the filmmakers was the role of the table, and how the decision to set a scene around a dining table automatically creates a subtext for the viewer on which the director can build. At the table we expect to see characters coming together, we expect to see revelations and announcements, we expect to see celebrations, and above all we expect to see manners and decorum upheld. This visual language  ingrained in our psyche across cultures through societal norms and seems an ideal context for storytellers to subvert, redefine or irritate these expectations.

The filmmakers combine the selected film examples to form a visual essay, using montage to highlight the dining scene and the table itself. A visual test experiments with the setting and the narrative structure of dining scenes.