The Design Film Festival opens with an introduction from the festival’s founders Dr. Jana Scholze, Dr. Ulrich Lehmann and Dr. Alexandra Midal followed by comments from our jury panel Sumitra Upham, Matali Crasset, Ruanne Abou-Rahme and Basel Abbas. The opening will also include highlights of three films which the jury members found compelling and urgent, these three films will mark the launch of the screening programme for the festival. 


By Ruth Dusseault

The Flower Children’s children were called Generation Y. Raised in the full spectrum of the internet, they entered the economy on a downward slide and found no gold at the end of its rainbow. With their inherent faith in the balance of nature, small bands quietly retreated to the woods to live off the land like their legendary aunts and uncles.

These new villagers brought their cell phones, laptops, solar panels and signal repeaters. Bucky Fuller smiled in his dreamless sleep. They shared know-how on YouTube. They built technology-enabled homesteads and promoted them online as climate change classrooms, remote maker spaces, design-build workshops and living laboratories for life after the fall.

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By Studio Formafantasma

‘Cambio’ is an ongoing investigation conducted by Studio Formafantasma into the extraction, production and distribution of wood products. The website collects the research outcomes and compiles an archive of documents, videos, books and articles on the topic. The film starts with the appearance of primordial plants on Earth, their evolution into trees, and the subsequent flourishing of human life across the planet. It continues with the global expansion of the timber industry in conjunction with the European imperialist agenda, and its later shift towards the development of sustainable forestry practices and environmental conservation.

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The Design Film Festival has come to an end.

Thank you very much for those who visited our festival and we hope you enjoyed our programmes.

Though you can no longer watch the screened films, this website will remain live as an archive for all the other programmes.

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Thank you again for your warm support throughout the festival.


Do you
see it?

Filmmakers: Rachel Hoffmann, Pin Chieh Pan, Tommy Poiré, Meilin Wang

Do you see it? follows a person with mysterious notes as they hide them around various corners of a gallery. Through the camera, the film raises questions about the viewing experiences in the museum space.


Table Manners

Filmmakers: Misato Ehara, Ruth Mitchell, Virgilio Paricio De Castro

Impeccable Table Manners is a visual essay exploring the role of the table in film narratives. It questions how the decision to set a scene around a dining table automatically creates a subtext for the viewer on which the director can build.