The Commissioning Film for Exhibition lecture series seeks to unveil key elements, challenges, purposes, formats and processes behind commissioning films for exhibition purposes. Our guest speakers will be discussing practical issues, creative and curatorial decisions, the importance of communication between curators and filmmakers, the life of film beyond the gallery space, and much more. This series, ideal for both curious viewers wanting to find out about the behind-the-scenes of an exhibition, as well as professionals looking for an honest testimony on the process of commissioning film, will help you discover more about the relationship between film and curatorial practices. Each episode will feature a general discussion about commissioning processes, followed by a focus on specific films commissioned by our guest speakers as part of their professional practice. Commissioning Film for Exhibition lectures will be released gradually throughout the duration of the events programme.

Episode 1


Pete Collard is a contemporary design and architecture curator. He is a PhD candidate at Kingston University London, developing research about the uses of film in architecture exhibitions. Pete has previously worked in institutions such as the Design Museum, V&A, British Council and RIBA.

In his contribution he will focus on The Coniston Institute and Old Manor Park Library, films commissioned for the exhibition Making It Happen: New Community Architecture (RIBA, 2019).

The films discussed in this episode can be viewed at the following links:

Making It Happen | Old Manor Park Library
Making It Happen | The Coniston Institute

Episode 2

Alice Doušová and
Brendan Cormier

Alice Doušová is a director, producer and founder of Zuketa, a design and architecture film company. Zuketa conceptualises, directs and creates films and installations specially made for exhibitions, but also independent films for a cinema release. Zuketa’s clients include the V&A, Design Museum, British Council and many designers and architects. Alice will share her experience of working with Brendan Cormier, highlighting the importance of honest communication and the need for establishing a good relationship between curator and filmmaker.

Brendan Cormier is a writer and curator. Since 2014, he has been working as Senior Design Curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. In conversation with director Alice Doušová, they will focus on the concepts, production and challenges of the film Values of Design, produced for the V&A Gallery at the Design Society – Shenzhen in China, and the films featured in the successful Cars: Accelerating the Modern World (V&A, 2019).

The films discussed in this episode can be viewed at the following links:

Values of Design, Shekou
‘Low-riding’, California, USA | Car Subcultures
‘Spinning’, Johannesburg, South Africa | Car Subcultures
‘Dekotora’ (decorated trucks), Japan | Car Subcultures

Episode 3


David Houston is the Learning Producer for Schools and Further Education at the Design Museum

In this episode, he will focus on film production for learning purposes, analysing the main differences between learning and exhibition films in terms of audiences, lengths and tone of voice. Particularly, David will talk us through the commission and production of S’up Spoon, a film by Mmoloki Chrystie, for the Design It, Make It, Use It School Programme at the Design Museum.

The films mentioned in the episode can be viewed at the following links:

Teacher Summer School
Gumdrop Bin
Frankfurt Kitchen 
S’up Spoon

Episode 4


Jennifer Wong is Assistant Curator of Design and Architecture at M+ in Hong Kong, part of the West Kowloon Cultural District. Her research focuses on the graphic and product design history of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China. Prior to joining M+, she was Research Assistant/Assistant Curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

In her episode, she will talk about her relationship with film as a curatorial tool, and her experience of commissioning films both for digital platforms and real life exhibitions. Jennifer is currently working on 2 films about plastic for the opening exhibition of M+, Hong Kong.

The films mentioned in the episode can be found at the following links:

Plastic: A Hong Kong Story
M+ More and More: A Building Video Update
In the Building: M+ in 2019 Video Update

Episode 5


Shirley Surya is a curator for Design and Architecture at M+, Hong Kong’s new museum for visual culture. She has contributed to shaping M+’s permanent collection through her research and acquisition of works that engage with plural modernities in greater China and Southeast Asia.

In her episode, she discusses her background, how she has employed moving image within a series of exhibitions she co-curated, and tips about preparing for interviews and approaching archival material. 

The films mentioned and featured in the episode can be found at the following links:

In Search of Southeast Asia through the M+ Collections (2018)
Mobile M+: NEONSIGNS.HK (2014)
Building M+: The Museum & Architecture Collection (2014)